The failure to plan for and respond effectively to emergency situations can cause lasting damage to your operation and reputation.

Atticus Risk will work with you to build resilience against identified threats and, in dialogue with your stakeholders, create a proportionate and effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This will enable your organisation to respond effectively to a situation and minimise the impact of the incident on your wider operations. The ERP addresses critical policies and procedures required in response to an incident e.g. evacuation, lockdown, emergency communication, while the BCP concerns recovery and a return to normal operations.

The ERP and BCP’s should be simple, clear and relevant to your day to day routines. Plans must be bespoke to your profile, USP’s, operations, geographic location, and organisation size.

Responding quickly and effectively, having the right processes in place and testing these regularly is vital to ensure your operation is resilient to both changes to the business environment and other – more kinetic – effects.

Atticus Risk can also deploy an experienced team or additional resources to the point of need to assist with management of the response to or recovery from an incident. Whether it be the evacuation of a single individual or entire workforce from a conflict region or recovery of a holiday resort after a natural disaster, Atticus Risk has the skills your organisation needs to respond effectively to emergencies.