Before undertaking any form of security review or survey it’s important that there is an understanding of the bigger picture.

We will conduct a full risk assessment to identify key threats and vulnerabilities inherent in your current situation to enable us to accurately assess the risk you are exposed to.

Whilst some threats might be considered generic, each of our clients face unique challenges and have their own individual USP’s and values. Its therefore important that your risk management “journey” starts will us making a full appreciation of the current situation.

The security risk and threat assessment takes into account:

  • What or whom you wish to protect
  • Extant Threats
  • Countermeasures that may already be in place
  • Vulnerabilities in infrastructure, culture, routine, operations,
    procedures, policies or the geographic situation
  • The physical/ financial/ reputational and emotional implications of loss or damage arising from a threat manifesting itself

Fully assessing the risk in a pragmatic manner, and then considering the impact of a threat materialising enables informed decision making. This will ensure your organisation can allocate resources (which are always finite) to areas where risk is greatest, reducing the impact of any threats.