There are a number of reasons why our clients
may wish to undertake a review of security and resilience matters including:

  • Changing insurance requirements
  • External audit findings
  • In response to a security incident
  • Internal re-organisation or merger
  • Changes to industry regulation
  • Change of contractor or department head
  • New or increased threat
  • Entry to a new (perhaps overseas) market

A Security Survey should form the basis of a security review. This will be undertaken by one of our experienced subject matter experts working closely with your own team. Although our consultants may come from a military or law enforcement background, they importantly have the relevant commercial experience to operate in today’s business environment.

The security survey is the second stage of the risk journey and is the detailed fact-finding process by which we gather information on our client’s operations and routines (the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How). We will also assess whether your current systems or processes are fit for purpose.

The survey will inform reviews and future decisions on security planning by identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your site(s) or organisation and will look at all elements of your security posture whether they be physical, technical, electronic or procedural.

The risk journey takes us from the risk assessment (bigger picture) to the survey (detailed picture). Fully informed we can then guide you through any recommendations for increased resilience including undertaking any cost benefit analysis necessary.